A look at the arts, education and life in Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder.

Episode One Show Notes

Our first episode is hosted by Lucien Grey and he talks to Irish and Marnix from Nom Nom Healthy Meal Delivery about how the Covid19 virus is affecting the small business owner here in Cambodia.(1.04 mins)


.(20.53 mins)To mask or not to mask

(27.49) How to choose an international school


We also talk to Brandie,an American educator here about how to choose an international school in Phnom Penh, and should we as foreigners be wearing a mask.


Important points Transcript:

Conversation with Nom Nom Healthy Food Delivery.

Covid19: To mask or not to mask?

Background to Education issues in the Kingdom:

How to choose an international school here in Phnom Penh

We then finish off with a poem from (49.11 mins)

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